For Junior, Collegiate, and NHL Players

Even though Hockey University provides everything you need to improve during the off-season, we understand that some of you would prefer to pick/choose and create your own training schedule. That’s why we offer all aspects of our elite hockey training separately:

  • On-Ice Private/Semi-Private Instruction – Wed and Fri
  • Skating Treadmill Training – Mon thru Sat
  • Functional Strength/Weight Training – Mon thru Sat

Not sure what type of training would help you the most? Not sure how often to work out?

For On-Ice Private Lessons contact Kristina Keli at 734-945-0094 or

For Skating Treadmill sessions please contact Russell Shengulette or Kyle Gagneau at 616-666-3050 or

For Functional Strength/Weight Training information go to or contact Brian Sipotz at 734-531-9762