Squirt 2 Program

Squirt 2 Program for Birth Years: 2010-2011


Enhancement of Skating
Overall Functional Athleticism
On-Ice: 1 hour on-ice station-to-station format
Off-Ice: 1 hour unweighted strength/agility exercises; 1 day a week AirTime trampoline athletic workout and 1 hour skating treadmilll, dry-land hockey skills


Tues/Thurs 8:00-10:00 AM
June 3-13 7:00-8:50 PM; 6:00-7:50 PM
Start: 6/3/2019
End: 8/1/2019

Players may miss up to 2 weeks.



$1350 per player
Payments can be made in installments. Initial payment is non-refundable.

Register Online

Non-refundable deposit required at time of registration.

Payment Options:

Payment Installments

Register Online with deposit and make installment payments in person with cash or check. A drop box will be at the rink for parents to drop off payments.

Deposit / 1st Payment– $550.00 required to register *NON-REFUNDABLE*

2nd payment due June 1st – $400.00

Final / 3rd payment due July 1st – $400.00

Pay Full Payment

Pay in full at time of registraiton – $1350.00